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Rules - PDF version

$20 ENTRY 

You must select one team to LOSE every Saturday.
No Repeats - You can never pick the same team twice.
  • If the team you pick LOSES:  YOU ARE SAFE
  • If the team you pick LOSES in Overtime: YOU ARE SAFE 
  • If the team you pick WINS you are ELIMINATED
  • If the team you pick goes into a Shootout: YOU ARE ELIMINATED
    (Shootouts are considered ties, both teams are out)

Each entry gets one pick per Saturday.
(Yes, you can enter more than once!)

  • 50% of the Pot goes to the Winner, 50% goes to the Buzzards/Vultures Hockey Clubs.
  • The pool will continue until there is one entry left.
  • Once the pool is down to two entries those two will be notified and given the option to split the pot.


Each week, picks must be submitted before Friday at 8PM to be valid.

Before Week 1 - Send your pick to any Buzzard - or click here
After Week 1 - You receive a password & must login and submit your picks at
Seller's Bonus:  Anyone who collects 10 entries gets the 11th pick free.

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